[ic] flash in Interchange 4.6.1

Jerry Davis akopia@wireless-2000.com
Sat, 13 Jan 2001 17:28:58 -0800

Hi Randy;
I will make the changes and let the list know
yhanks VERY much

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> At 01:30 PM 1/13/01 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hello:
> >Hi am having a problem trying to put a flash file in Interchange-4.6.1
> >5.0)
> >I have created a page called a.html (for testing)
> >I put the '.ah_cast.swf' file in the /pages dir and I can not get it to
> >I have tested the script/movie on my server and it works.
> >Looks like a path problem but I am not sure.
> >As usual Thanks for any help
> Hi Jerry,
> You'll need to move the .swf file into your regular HTML docs directory
> rather than in your /pages directory of your store.  The .swf file does
> need to be interpreted by IC.
> If the page that calls the .swf file (a.html in you case) needs IC, it can
> stay in the /pages directory.  But the link from that page to your .swf
> file will need to be an absolute reference to the .swf file in your HTML
> docs directory. In other words, it will need start with a '/' or be a full
> URL.
> Hope this helps.
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