[ic] Redisplaying the current page for change of locale

icottee@bluefountain.com icottee@bluefountain.com
15 Jan 2001 18:10:42 +0900

I've received some help with this on the irc chat channel but I
thought I'd post here to see if anybody else has any insight. I have a
site with three languages and three currencies. The options to change
language and currency are situated are located on the left
navigator. These set the necessary information and then take the user
to the front page using (for example)

        [page process/locale/ja_JP/page/index]Jpn[/page]

Now what I would like to do is redisplay the current page instead of
taking the user back to the front. I could use @@mv_page@@ but if (for
example) I am displaying a search result I just get results.html
back. Same issue with pages displayed with flypage.html

Anybody does this sort of thing or can suggest a way to get the
current URL and force the locale change using it?

Many thanks

Ian Cottee
Nagoya, Japan