[ic] Newbie, need info on importing 500,000+ items

Company InterNet Services info@4co.De
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 11:24:00 +0100

I'm a webmaster for a large bookstore and want to upgrade our database system (speed). I've read about the minivend system though
never had a change to get it.

I seen the demo allows you to add 'Single' items, however I have nearly half a million items currently in a flatfile database
Pipe(|) delimited. (I can have it delimited with any char. if needed)

I looked though all the archives but didn't find much that could help me. (mostly excel export problems)

When this question is answered (and no problems are foreseen) I'll go ahead and
install the software (I don't want to install then uninstall if it is not the solution I need)

Ken Lyons