[ic] area config

Wendall Williams wwill@pacbell.net
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 13:39:28 -0800

On the left side menu bar, how do you display the area names in a 
specific order? For instance:

Cable Assemblies (code 1)
    cat 1
    cat 2
    cat 3

Jacks and Plugs (code 2)
    cat 4
    cat 5
    cat 6

Switches (code 3)
    cat 7
    cat 8
    cat 9

The problem is, I added:

Miscellaneous (code 4)
    cat 10
    cat 11
    cat 12

and it was displayed FIRST in stead of LAST. Also, the other area 
names seem to change order as well.  Any help would be of great help.