[ic] IC and MYSQL Assistance required?

Hansraj Pankhania itnc@themutual.net
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:48:58 -0000

Hello List,

I have just about got IC 4.6.1 installed, and have made an attempt at
running makecat.

Since IC uses MYSQL, and my hosting company has MYSQL installed, but I
cannot create a database becaue of permission problems.

Therefore approached the hosting company who say they can create a database
but it will be held somewhere else on there servers and not local to my
virtual space. Thus restricting me configuring IC and administering the
database correctly, and if I was to move to another hosting company the
database gets left behind.

My questions is:

- Is there any other way I can still use IC and MYSQL or any other
opensource database ( that will work with IC  - I am prepared to have it
installed local to my virtual space ) , so the I still have administration
access to it.

- Can IC be configured but with no database backend at all.

I would appreciate any guidance list members can offer on this matter.

Thanks to all in advance.