[ic] custom size price config

Sam Holmes semlohmas@hotmail.com
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 13:32:05 -0600

Attention, Interchange programmers!

Can you help?

We are implementing an interchange e-commerce solution.

Our company sells products based on customer supplied height and width (to 
determine square footage) and customer selected modifiers, which must be 
added (by calculating/multiplying the modifier(s) value(s) with the sq.ft. 
value of the product base price) and summing the results (base price plus 
all selected modifiers), to generate a total price of the product. The 
resulting total should be carried to the shopping cart along with the 
product modifiers descriptions.

>From Customer perspective:

Customer wants to buy a poster.
Customer enters a desired height and a width.
Customer is asked to select a mounting background, ie. Posterboard, 
cardboard, etc. from drop down list.
Customer is asked to select a front lamination for the print, ie. Matte, 
gloss, etc.
Each selection increases the base price of the poster (based on sq.ft.).
And the total is posted on the page.
Customer buys product and gets an order confirmation of the product along 
with its description. ie. 24” x36” poster, mounted to posterboard with gloss 
overlaminate… $89.00.

Any suggestions as to how to solve our problem would be greatly appreciated, 
or if you can supply the necessary code we are happy to compensate.

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