[ic] Quantity pricing and loop tag problem

Eric Hull res059ss@gte.net
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 00:31:30 -0600

Here is a problem we are having with quantity pricing:

in the construct demo, using the quantity.html page as a reference: (
quantity.html?mv_arg=(our sku) )

[order code="[loop-code]" quantity="10" base="pricing"][loop-price 10]
 the problem in this statement is the [loop-price 10]
 if taken out the price is displayed correctly but the items are not placed
in the cart
 if left there the items are placed in the cart but not at the quantity
and I am following the IC docs too
it says add the string loop-price N
and all good - but it doesnt work

any ideas?

Please help, because we have tried everything for days

Eric Hull