[ic] multiple sales tax?

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
17 Jan 2001 09:39:29 -0500

"Company InterNet Services" <info@4co.De> writes:

> Also the construct site has 4 colums: sku, description, price,
> category Is there a way to add another description (like the images
> colum) so when the item is in a list it only shows the short
> "description", and when viewed a page shown the long detailed
> "description2" with an image

Isn't that what the "comment" field is for?  Actually, I think there
are three fields for describing an item: title, description, and
comment.  I don't think 'title' is actually used anywhere by default
in 'construct'.  Since you are a book store, maybe this will work well
for you.  The 'description' field is a short description of the item
and the 'comment' field is a long description.  In fact, on the UI it
is even labeled as "long description".

I guess I'm a little confused by your question here.  I thought that
'construct' worked this way be default.
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