[ic] multiple sales tax? (Doug Alcorn)

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Wed, 17 Jan 2001 16:41:46 +0100

>> Also the construct site has 4 colums: sku, description, price,
>> category Is there a way to add another description (like the images
>> colum) so when the item is in a list it only shows the short
>> "description", and when viewed a page shown the long detailed
>> "description2" with an image
>Isn't that what the "comment" field is for?  Actually, I think there
>are three fields for describing an item: title, description, and
>comment.  I don't think 'title' is actually used anywhere by default
>in 'construct'.  Since you are a book store, maybe this will work well
>for you.  The 'description' field is a short description of the item
>and the 'comment' field is a long description.  In fact, on the UI it
>is even labeled as "long description".

I can't use the GUI to add items (as my database is WAY to big),
I am manually converting my database to match IC, my problem is
finding out how and where colums work.

Ya, the title colum is not used (from what I see), so I currently have all the info in
description as html(xx<br>xx), however the receipt doesn't like this long text in that field
so I was tring to find or make alt colums.

The gui is nice but for me is underpowered, so I can only use it to edit the html pages and process orders. (something I like)

All the DB maintance is profromed on a seperate system, designed for TerraLine Databases i.e. a few trillion records. (we combined
27 book publisher databases into one large DB, then we pullout what we want to sell.
(our limit is 500,000 items on the internet.) Our current site has 900MB in databases.

>I guess I'm a little confused by your question here.  I thought that
>'construct' worked this way be default.
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