[ic] Having trouble with the tutorial

Scott Bellows sbellows@rackspace.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 18:33:58 -0600

   Being new to interchange, I'm working through the tutorial found on 
the website and running into problems while doing it. Things were 
running smoothly until I got to the part concerning the shopping cart. 
If I understand it correctly, the [order] tag look for a basket.html 
file in the /pages/ord directory of the catelog. I've double checked the 
syntax and permisions of the file and everything seems ok. However, the 
server is acting like the file is non-existant. Every link that contains 
the [order] tag fails to load. No error messages can be found in either 
the main error.log or the store error.log. I've noticed that deleting 
the file gets the exact same results and I'm wondering if the server is 
having trouble finding it for some reason. As per the directions in the 
tutorial, the path of it is 
/var/lib/interchange/tutorial/pages/ord/basket.html. Any ideas as to 
whats wrong? Should baset.html be in a different location?