[ic] Having trouble with the tutorial

Scott Bellows sbellows@rackspace.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 18:49:10 -0600

Nevermind.... turns out I can't type in IP addresses correctly into the 
interchange.cfg file...

Thanks Anyways,

Scott Bellows wrote:

> Hello,
>   Being new to interchange, I'm working through the tutorial found on 
> the website and running into problems while doing it. Things were 
> running smoothly until I got to the part concerning the shopping cart. 
> If I understand it correctly, the [order] tag look for a basket.html 
> file in the /pages/ord directory of the catelog. I've double checked 
> the syntax and permisions of the file and everything seems ok. 
> However, the server is acting like the file is non-existant. Every 
> link that contains the [order] tag fails to load. No error messages 
> can be found in either the main error.log or the store error.log. I've 
> noticed that deleting the file gets the exact same results and I'm 
> wondering if the server is having trouble finding it for some reason. 
> As per the directions in the tutorial, the path of it is 
> /var/lib/interchange/tutorial/pages/ord/basket.html. Any ideas as to 
> whats wrong? Should baset.html be in a different location?
> Thank,
> Scott
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