[ic] IC Catalog-Building Tutorial available

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wow, that sounds really cool, ty everyone who helped

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Subject: [ic] IC Catalog-Building Tutorial available

> We just finished a new tutorial that will familiarize you with many of the
> basic concepts of Interchange catalogs by leading you through the process
> of building a catalog from the ground up, all by hand. You'll create every
> directory and file yourself, and understand what each part does. When
> you're done, you'll have a very basic but working catalog, but more
> importantly, we hope you'll have learned a lot about Interchange.
> You can download it here in PDF format:
> http://developer.akopia.com/doc/iccattut.pdf
> Or read it on the developer site:
> http://developer.akopia.com/cgi-bin/ic/dev/index.html
> Sonny Cook came up with the idea for this and wrote the first version. We
> hope to expand the "Enhancing the Catalog" chapter with sections
> contributed by the community, so we'd love to see you develop a new
> feature, write it up in tutorial style, and send it to us.
> Jon
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