[ic] postgres vs mysql

Dave 'Duke of URL' Weiner davew@webmast.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 23:01:32 -0500

> > What do you think about running postgress vs mysql and how difficult
> > it be to change from Mysql to postgress.
>     The postgres versus mysql used to be very cut and dried.  Mysql was
> as heck, you would only use postgres if you needed transaction support.
> Now, with postgres 7, every indication I have personally seen and every
> discussion I have read on the issue indicates that postgres 7 runs circles
> around mysql from a speed perspective.  I don't really see mysql going
> anywhere at this point, adding in transactional support would be the next
> logical step but apparently one the development team is not willing to

Sorry, but your wrong...

Check out http://www.mysql.com/news/article-18.html

MySQL 3.23.15 introduced experimental support for Berkeley DB to handle
transactions (5/9/2000).


8/10/2000, MaxSQL is announced as being a working name for a build of MySQL
with BerkeleyDB transaction support.


NuSphere announces that it will contribute row-level locking code back to
the main MySQL codebase, to better handle transactions and high levels of


NASA switches from *ORACLE* to MySQL!

> and it would certainly come at a serious performance price.  The only
> I have ever encountered with postgres is a lack of blob support but that
> not relevant to interchange.

So, I think MySQL is alive and kicking....Yes, I like MySQL.  But with all
that said and done, I have heard good stuff about PostgresQL 7.0, and I plan
on checking it out.

> Jeff