[ic] interchange 4.6.1 UI manual installation.

Ron Phipps takedown@cdsnet.net
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 23:44:26 -0800

> I'm currently in the process of building a site from scratch in
> and discovering much to my dismay that there is essentially no
> on actually integrating a site with the UI administrative backend.

The documentation has grown leaps and bounds since the minivend 3.0 days
(when I first started looking at the product).  You need to keep in mind
this is a FREE product that allows a lot of us to make a living without a
high overhead.  This was a one-man-show up until not too long ago and has
brought a product to market that works better then almost all other
commercial e-com packages.

Since you are doing this from scratch possibly you could document your
actions and post to the list.  I've done this on those occasions where the
answers are not in the docs and have not been posted in the past.  It helps

> if i edit the pages in /interchange/lib/UI/, it's going to change for
> everyone, right? well, that's not going to be any good for those clients
> have different userdb fields, is it, as i run multipla catalogs under the
> one install :) so, what do we do here, guys? is there a solution to this
> one? i'm doing my best as i go along to hack and change stuff to get it
> working, but it's tough going without any documentation on how it plugs
> together. any assistance on what's possible here would be greatly
> appreciated :)

You can override Admin pages on a catalog basis.  Make a directory called
admin in your pages directory.  For eahc page you want to mod for that one
store, copy that file into the admin dir.  Any changes made to that file
will now only belong to that catalog.  BTW this was answered in the list not
too long ago, I used the answer just last week.


Good luck,