[ic] interchange 4.6.1 UI manual installation.

Cameron Germein cameron.germein@team.eftel.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 16:05:13 +0800

thanks a lot Ron, I'm aware that it's a free product, and as such I'm really
whining about something that if I don't like, I should bloody go and fix
myself :)

as a side note, i've only been using Interchange for about a week now, and
only just subscribed to the mailing list :) it's a pretty steep learning
curve, but i have to say, this package impresses me more than anything i've
come across in a long time :)

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> > I'm currently in the process of building a site from scratch in
> interchange,
> > and discovering much to my dismay that there is essentially no
> documentation
> > on actually integrating a site with the UI administrative backend.
> The documentation has grown leaps and bounds since the minivend 3.0 days
> (when I first started looking at the product).  You need to keep in mind
> this is a FREE product that allows a lot of us to make a living without a
> high overhead.  This was a one-man-show up until not too long ago and has
> brought a product to market that works better then almost all other
> commercial e-com packages.
> Since you are doing this from scratch possibly you could document your
> actions and post to the list.  I've done this on those occasions where the
> answers are not in the docs and have not been posted in the past.  It
> everyone!
> > if i edit the pages in /interchange/lib/UI/, it's going to change for
> > everyone, right? well, that's not going to be any good for those clients
> who
> > have different userdb fields, is it, as i run multipla catalogs under
> > one install :) so, what do we do here, guys? is there a solution to this
> > one? i'm doing my best as i go along to hack and change stuff to get it
> > working, but it's tough going without any documentation on how it plugs
> > together. any assistance on what's possible here would be greatly
> > appreciated :)
> >
> You can override Admin pages on a catalog basis.  Make a directory called
> admin in your pages directory.  For eahc page you want to mod for that one
> store, copy that file into the admin dir.  Any changes made to that file
> will now only belong to that catalog.  BTW this was answered in the list
> too long ago, I used the answer just last week.
> l
> Good luck,
> -Ron
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