[ic] interchange 4.6.1 UI manual installation.

Cameron B. Prince cameron@akopia.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 02:09:52 -0600

You can make catalog specific admin pages by creating an admin subdirectory
under the catalog's pages directory. Then copy the files from
lib/UI/pages/admin there. You can edit these any way you need to and the
changes won't affect the global admin pages.

Good luck,


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> Subject: [ic] interchange 4.6.1 UI manual installation.
> I'm currently in the process of building a site from scratch in
> interchange,
> and discovering much to my dismay that there is essentially no
> documentation
> on actually integrating a site with the UI administrative backend.
> most of this, i can just hack my way past - i'm down to one last issue
> though, and it's got me a little stumped for now.
> i'm working on getting the admin section working with a userdb table that
> doesn't use the default fields contained within the demo - and of course,
> things are breaking. with a bit of field wobbling, i can get it to display
> the right users, but i can't edit them through that interface - and it's
> because when it goes to the next page, it's trying to build it with
> information that doesnt exist in the db, and so therefore 500 errors out.
> SO... my question basically is:
> if i edit the pages in /interchange/lib/UI/, it's going to change for
> everyone, right? well, that's not going to be any good for those
> clients who
> have different userdb fields, is it, as i run multipla catalogs under the
> one install :) so, what do we do here, guys? is there a solution to this
> one? i'm doing my best as i go along to hack and change stuff to get it
> working, but it's tough going without any documentation on how it plugs
> together. any assistance on what's possible here would be greatly
> appreciated :)
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