[ic] Database Lookup Problem, IC 4.6.1 Interpolate.pm, Line 752

Russ Mann tech@khouse.org
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 02:21:59 -0700


I just started having a problem that I cannot track.  My products data will
not save.  I have a few columns defined as database lookups, and they have
been working fine.  I was changing things to get the Promotions to work, and
somehow it broke.

The error log comes up with this: wBBhFyLy: - [17/January/2001:23:00:03 -0800]
catalog /store/catalog/ui.html Bad data selector='' field=
'' key='Information'

I traced this through a "tag_data" routine to the %Filter{'lookup'} variable
here, at line 752 of Interpolate.pm:

        'lookup' =>     sub {
                                                my ($val, $tag, $table,
$column) = @_;
                                                return tag_data($table,
$column, $val) || $val;

I added this after the "my ($val, $tag, $table, $column) = @_;" line to see
what was getting through:

                logError( "LOOKUP VALUES: Table: %s , Column: %s , Value:
%s, Tag: %s" , $table, $column, $val, $tag );

Turns out, the $table and $column are empty: wBBhFyLy: - [17/January/2001:23:00:03 -0800]
catalog /store/catalog/ui.html LOOKUP VALUES: Table:  , Co
lumn:  , Value: Information, Tag: category3

(category3 is one of the fields which gets info from a DB lookup).

How can I track this further?  Any ideas as to what might be my problem?

Thank you,