[ic] shipping.asc, ord/checkout.html errors?

Company InterNet Services info@4co.De
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 11:29:35 +0100

>I've been messing with this for about 4 weeks now, and I haven't been able
>to get it working well, here's whats going on:
>This is a small bead store, its cheaper for her to sell items and then ship
>them USPS, instead of UPS or Fedex.
>Sounds easy enough huh? Well..
>Here's my shipping.asc file:
>USPS   USPS    price   0       0       0
>USPS    USPS    price   0       50      f 7 + (1 * @@TOTAL@@ / 10)
>USPS    USPS    price   50      100     f 12 + (.90 * @@TOTAL@@ / 10)
>USPS    USPS    price   100     99999   f @@TOTAL@@ * .05
>I'm using the standard ord/checkout.html file that came with interchange.
>DefaultShipping is set to USPS.  Here's the error on the checkout.html page
>(oh yea, no errors in the error.log file either):
>Note: No match found for mode 'USPS', quantity '', returning 0.
>Any help will be great, thanks

I had a simular problem (UPS is expensive in germany, so I only wanted our local rates)
I ended up using the ui to delete ALL shipping methods, then I added a new 
method: in-Germany (for order in germany I use Deutsche post)
Then I edited it's data table (formula) info, and manually added the rates (I based mine on price 0-20=$xx  21-50=$xx ).

IMPORTANT: when you test order make sure you are using a new customer ID/Pass
if you use an old one, it tries to use the stored shipping method (that you just deleted).
better yet would be to delete all customer id's when you make major changes and don't use the cookie function while testing.


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