[ic] Rumors of MySQL demise greatly exaggerated ... (was: postgres vs mysql)

Kaare Rasmussen kar@webline.dk
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 21:56:17 +0100

> or Oracle. But for the more general case I usually am involved in,
> MySQL is much, much, easier to deal with.

I can only disagree. I tried to implement a system that was written with 
MySQL. Even a little security settings was way too complicated to do, and 
even the experts I asked that had been using MySQL for years gave up.

So for me it's simple. MySQL is too difficult to use and doesn't provide 
enough in features. They claim to be very fast, but it's really only proven 
on simple, single-table benchmarks.

And on the topic of benchmark, even Microsoft claims that MS SQL server is 
the fastest thing out there,backed by benchmarks. I don't believe I ever saw 
a db without any benchmark telling its the fastest.

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