[ic] Possible Bug?

Paul Tinsley paul.tinsley@esolutions.acymtech.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:14:28 -0600

I have a default install of akopia from the rpm and have gone into the demo
store and one of the first things I tried.. seems to have broken akopia.  I
went into the admin interface under Items, selected create new item, filled
out all the information (sku, short/long description, price, etc...) and
decided to upload in image... So I leave the little select box on <-- New
and click on "upload..." browse for the image and hit upload.  When it takes
me back to the item edit page the SKU box is gone and at the top of the page
the title has changed to "Item editor: edit item new" and all the other
information I had filled out was gone except the new image name.  Somehow it
disreguarded what I selected for a SKU and decided that new should be the
	So I figured there was a bug so I decided to create the item first
then add the image, which does work!  And whatever does end up happening
after you upload an image on a product that you are creating corrupts that
product.  Everytime you click on it in the item edit menu the SKU box inside
the edit has new with some numbers appended on the end, that increment by 1
every time you click the item to edit it.... If I am doing something wrong
or if anybody knows of a fix for this I would GREATLY appreciate it.
	     Paul Tinsley