[ic] interaction error: no action -> basket

Andrew Waegel andrew@benevolent-tech.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 13:21:37 -0800


Chasing down the last few details here.

When an user reloads checkout.html (or any of the pages called through 
'process'), they get the interaction_error page; in this case, with the 
message "No action passed for processing".

I understand what's happening, and that from interchange's perspective this 
is a problem. From a user's perspective, however, they didn't do anything 
to terribly wrong, and I'd rather return them to the 'basket' page,  or 
something  more benign that a page with 'error' in huge letters.

>From looking at the interchange source, I can find where it's trapping this 
error and calling the failure page. I suppose I could fix it there too, but 
I'd rather not get into modifying source code.

Can anyone suggest a way to change this behavior? I suppose you'd have to 
change things in catalog.cfg, but I don't know what.

- Andrew

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