[ic] banners

Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 18:38:36 -0700

On a flypage, you could do this:

[if file /yourpath/images/[item-field category].gif]<IMG SRC="[item-field 
category].gif"><P>[else][item-field category][/else][/if]

Also, look at the results.html page regarding [loop-change]

At 12:32 PM 1/18/01 , you wrote:
>My sister wants to do something a little strange where each department has
>its own logo.
>so books would have one logo
>software another, etc.
>Can this be done with barry?
>If I use construct, can I have a front end similair to barry's?
>Could I admin all of the seperate cats, from just one URL?
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