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sorry mike, did'nt realize I was opening such a big can of worms.  Only
reason I posted it here, was because it would be relevant to how I handled

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> Quoting Kaare Rasmussen (kar@webline.dk):
> > > We now return you to your regular advocacy threads already in
> >
> > Talk about biaz.
> >
> > Maybe you like MySQL better, Mike. Of course you're entitled to do that.
> >
> > But I try at least to give some information where Widenius is not
updated and
> > therefore giving wrong information.
> I didn't reply to your rebuttal of my statement, because it didn't relate
> to Interchange.
> If you think I am greatly biased, that is certainly your right.
> I guess at least that part might relate to Interchange. 8-)
> I don't think I am -- I have spent a great deal of effort designing an
> application which is not biased toward any specific database. In other
> words, I am telling you I am not greatly biased and that I have spent
> thousands of hours trying to prove that. You can take it for what you
> think it is worth, as can everyone.
> You got your chance to post, as did Monty and some others.  I am simply
> saying that when the topic excludes Interchange, it no longer belongs
> on this list. There are plenty of forums for Postgres vs. Mysql.
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