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if you can still get it PFE32 is an awesome developers editor with unix file
type support, line numbering outside of the file, so that if you have an
error at line xxx you can simply "goto xxx"s
try cnet.com to see if its there.  Does'nt run on linux though.. only dos
and windoze

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> At 03:22 PM 1/9/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >     Just a tidbit - I've been using a Samba share to edit the files and
> >been working fine for me. It's really easy to edit the pages in Windoze
> >either wordpad or notepad.
> >
> >Robert Smith
> May I inquire of you the sharename parameters that you use in your
> smb.conf?  I'm still learning how to tell samba "please do not mess with
> the permissions please".  But I am surprised that you can suffer under
> wordpad's horrible interface.  Jext (jext.sourceforge.net) is a
> file editor written in Java.  Best free editor I've ever used (development
> moves fast too).
> Dan
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