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GoldGet goldget@goldget.com
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 22:20:30 -0600

Just to let you know successfullhosting.com is not even a "real" hosting

They lease a server space from Alabanza, Inc and re-sell it, the domain was
just registered last September (2000) and the guy who owns it is 300 miles
from the NOC.

Checking the IP blocks Alabanza owns and then checking the OS of the sites
it hosts I see most of them run a very old version of Apache.

Just a FYI, I would not purchase hosting from any company that does not OWN
their own NOC center :)

John Michel

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no i don't..

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>You were interchange chat asking the same question.
>So I will ask you again. do you have root on the server.
>>  hrm.. I am looking for anybody who has their IC hosted at
>>www.successfullhosting.com ... I have an account there and for some
>>reason I can not get Ic to run..because of the perl module
>>Interchange error ..can anybody help me with this
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