[ic] Interchange Consultant Needed

Jason Ballou jasonballou1@yahoo.com
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 22:41:41 -0800 (PST)

We have a number of customizations that we need for
Interchange and are accepting bids for our initial

>From what I know of IC it shouldn't be particularly
difficult but I'm not familiar enough with IC to risk
screwing something up.

Basically the problem is that we allow our wholesale
customers (designated as "dealer" for pricing in IC)
to purchase at discounted rates even if they are only
purchasing one of a particular item but IC appears to
automatically use the normal price as the dealer price
when the customer only orders one of that item.  We
need to be able to assign a discounted price for
single item purchases by our wholesale customers and
we also need to be able to designate many more price
break levels

We need these new discounts to be editable using the
admin tables link as well as with the quantity pricing
link under the admin section's items sub-section so
that we can continue to use the admin interface for
adding, updating, and editing items.

Please forward bids, along with several other sites
that you have done customization work on, to us at

BTW, fantastic program Mike.

Jason Ballou
NTA, Inc.

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