[ic] custom size price config

Mark Johnson mark.johnson@akopia.com
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 09:12:10 -0500

Write a usertag to handle your dynamic pricing, set PriceField to a
non-existent field in your products db(s), and set base price and your
usertag in a CommonAdjust string. So, catalog.cfg should have something
similar to:

PriceField no_price

CommonAdjust products:price, [your-tag]

See the docs for what variables IC makes available to your routine to
manipulate the prices.

If your modifiers are straight-forward enough, you can simply use each
one individually as a db lookup in CommonAdjust:

CommonAdjust products:price, ==mod1:table:col*:key*,

Again, see docs for details.

Sam Holmes wrote:
> Attention, Interchange programmers!
> Can you help?
> We are implementing an interchange e-commerce solution.
> Problem:
> Our company sells products based on customer supplied height and width (to
> determine square footage) and customer selected modifiers, which must be
> added (by calculating/multiplying the modifier(s) value(s) with the sq.ft.
> value of the product base price) and summing the results (base price plus
> all selected modifiers), to generate a total price of the product. The
> resulting total should be carried to the shopping cart along with the
> product modifiers descriptions.
> >From Customer perspective:
> Customer wants to buy a poster.
> Customer enters a desired height and a width.
> Customer is asked to select a mounting background, ie. Posterboard,
> cardboard, etc. from drop down list.
> Customer is asked to select a front lamination for the print, ie. Matte,
> gloss, etc.
> Each selection increases the base price of the poster (based on sq.ft.).
> And the total is posted on the page.
> Customer buys product and gets an order confirmation of the product along
> with its description. ie. 24? x36? poster, mounted to posterboard with gloss
> overlaminate? $89.00.
> Any suggestions as to how to solve our problem would be greatly appreciated,
> or if you can supply the necessary code we are happy to compensate.
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