[ic] discount-products

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:02:24 -0800

Actually the way I thought of it is you would put your 'sale price' (the
price customers will actually pay) into the 'price' field.  Then your
'retail price' will go into the 'retail_price' field.  Since the customer
will be paying the sale price you will not need to change any Interchange
code that does calculations.  To reference these two fields it would be:

[item-field price]
[item-field retail_price]

Once you add the field to your database it will show up in the admin
interfacte when you edit the products database.  If you'd like it to show up
in the item editor you will need to add retail_price to the 'UI_ITEM_FIELDS'
variable in the KNAR editor.

Good luck,

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>One more question about discount-products:
>If I use retail_price for my 'sale' prices;
>Is there any way to set this 'retail-price' from Admin interface? I want my
>customer to set up 'retail_price' by themselves.
>Also, if I use retail_price , I will need to change bunch of code in
>Interchange - (f.e. for checkout) in order to use Retail Price instead of
>real price.. is it true? or Interchange 'knows' about retail_price and when
>it exists, it uses retail_price for all the calculations?
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