[ic] IC4.6 -- Others who bought -- Attempt to set merchandising::times_ordered::whatever in read-only table

Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 22:27:13 -0700

Hi list,

         I'm trying to get the "Others who bought this, also bought ..." 
functionality to work.  I'm using IC4.6, referencing the construct 
demo.  Using the admin UI, Merchandising > Generate "others who..."

(From the admin/build_related.html page):

[perl tables="__UI_META_TABLE__ orderline merchandising"]
         my $db = $Db{orderline};
         return "NO ORDERLINE table???!" if ! $db;
         my $start = tag_data( qw/__UI_META_TABLE__ lookup_exclude 
orderline/ );
         my $query = "select code,order_number,sku from orderline ";
         $query .= " where order_number > '$start'" if $start;
         $query .= " order by code";
         my $ary = $db->query( { sql => $query } );
         for(@$ary) {
                 my ($line, $on, $sku) = @$_;
                 push @{$on{$on} ||= []}, $sku;
         for(keys %on) {
                 my $ref = $on{$_};
                 @ary = @$ref;
                 for(@ary) {
                         my $sku = $_;
                         $sku{$sku} = {} unless $sku{$sku};
                         for (@ary) {
                                 next if $_ eq $sku;
         my $mdb = $Db{merchandising};
         for(sort keys %sku) {
                 my $val = $Tag->uneval( { ref => $sku{$_} } );
                 $out .= "$_ ==> $val<br>\n";
                 $mdb->set_field($_, 'others_bought', $val );
         return $out;

         It displays to the browser the correct stuff, but the error.log 

... SACj44vI: - [23/January/2001:00:10:51 -0500] 
iccvsrw /cgi-bin/iccvsrw/admin/build_related.html Attempt to set 
merchandising::others_bought::os29000 in read-only table SACj44vI: - [23/January/2001:00:10:51 -0500] 
iccvsrw /cgi-bin/iccvsrw/admin/build_related.html Attempt to set 
merchandising::times_ordered::os29000 in read-only table

         I've tested this with my construct demo, my MV3->IC4.6 conversion 
project, and the online demo (developer.akopia.com).

         I've tried adding "Database merchandising WRITE_ALWAYS 1" to the 
db conf, and adding [tag flag write]merchandising[/tag] before the [perl] 
call in the Admin page. (It is missing)  I tried running the code inside a 
test page from my catalog page space (in case it was an admin pages 
permission deal) -- no luck.

         From Mike Heins 

>You need to do a [flag type=write table=whatever] before you do the [perl 
>tables="whatever"]. Once the table is opened read-only, there is no going 
>back. If you look for WRITE_CONTROL you can set it to always, but that is 
>a bit dangerous.

         I figured "no going back" meant that I could remove 
merchandising.gdbm and restart -- that doesn't fix it either.

         Any ideas?  I'm sure that the Akopia boys would like to know that 
their demo doesn't work.  :-)

Thanks in advance,


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