[ic] Using order groups for set price custom orders?

Chris Rapier rapier-nospamplease@psc.edu
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 02:02:57 -0500

A client wants to give their users the option of purchasing various
baskets of food. Each basket has several basic categories of food from
which you can a specific item. Each of the specific items appears in the
main product database with its own different price. The problem is that
each of these items has their own price and the clients one one set
price for each basket. 

In other words, with one set of options you'll end up with 5 items of
food that seperately would have cost $36.92 but sells for $29.95 as a
basket. With another set of option you'll end up with 5 different items
of food that would have cost $34.93 but, again, sells for $29.95 as a

I need to figure out how to use order groups so that:
1) I can maintain one price regardless of the options chose
2) Report the SKUs for each item to the user (in their reciept)
3) Report the SKUs for each item to the client.

So... Any suggestions? I thought about using options but I can't figure
out how to do that without it being a mess. I might simply not
understand options though.