[ic] Question regarding system

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Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:09:24 +0100

This is how I have set mine up:

If I'm not mistaken you can setup PGP on the email out, but a safer and easier way would NOT 
to use normal email. Setup the email address as a USER not an internet email address.

i.e.: email orders to: admin      (not admin@co.com which would go out over the internet and back to your own computer)

This way the order is only mailled on the local machine (server) and not the internet (which is unsecure).
However to read the email would put it on the internet. So you need to make the email box an APOP 
(secure email box).


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Subject: [ic] Question regarding system

>I am looking hard here and have reviewed all of the message threads but I
>have yet to find an answer to my question.
>Does the Minivend system allow for encrypted emails that send credit card
>numbers through email? Or is it only capable of charging on-line through the
>services in the system?
>Also, if required, would anyone be interested in helping me install this?