[ic] Using order groups for set price custom orders?

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Tue, 23 Jan 2001 08:38:37 -0500

On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 02:02:57AM -0500, Chris Rapier wrote:
> A client wants to give their users the option of purchasing various
> baskets of food. Each basket has several basic categories of food from
> which you can a specific item. Each of the specific items appears in the
> main product database with its own different price. The problem is that
> each of these items has their own price and the clients one one set
> price for each basket. 
> In other words, with one set of options you'll end up with 5 items of
> food that seperately would have cost $36.92 but sells for $29.95 as a
> basket. With another set of option you'll end up with 5 different items
> of food that would have cost $34.93 but, again, sells for $29.95 as a
> basket.

We do that with assemblies of pre made baskets and selectable
attibutes.  The assembly has its own sku; the customer is buying
that, not the individual ites; the item purchased is the "basket".
The basket has a list of "contents" that the customer sees on his
receipt.  The vendor cares what is in the basket and we generate 
separately a report of what he needs on stock to fill it.  That is
done outside of minivend by looking at the "assemblies" table
for the item and just pulling in all the subsidiary items and

For example, 49002 Can-bake for 2
table 'assemblies'
code            qty     code            comment
49002           1       120             # utensils
49002           1       12206           # can
49002           2       100135          # medium lobster
49002           2       Clam Chowder    # chowder
49002           2       Clams           # shellfish

Clam Chowder    1       777777  # chowder
Clams           1       777778  # shellfish

We've done "build your own basket" too, but that involved some way
of setting prices for each item for each "dimension" of the basket (if
that makes sense to you).



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