[ic] Using order groups for set price custom orders?

Chris Rapier rapier@psc.edu
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:07:48 -0500

> We do that with assemblies of pre made baskets and selectable
> attibutes.
I'm not sure I follow you here. In the example you provided I don't see
how the user could choose between different items in the basket. For
example, lets say you can the Can Bake for 2 and decided to give them a
choice between Boston Clam Chowder and Manhattan Clam Chowder. How would
the supplier be informed of this choice? It seems that this is more of a
'static' basket. Which has actually already been taken care of :)

> We've done "build your own basket" too, but that involved some way
> of setting prices for each item for each "dimension" of the basket (if
> that makes sense to you).

Yeah, that does make sense. Hurm. I wonder if I could create new SKUs
for each dimension of the basket and have the actual choice be an option
on that SKU. Man, having the clients maintain that is going to be insane
and I'd really rather have something I could hand off and be done with.
I'd like to build in job security but it looks as if I'm getting a
research grant to develop some networking tools and thats going to suck
up all my time and then some.