[ic] Using order groups for set price custom orders?

Chris Rapier rapier@psc.edu
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:07:48 -0500

Chris Rapier wrote:

> > If the items are limited (eg choice of chowder) then attributes are
> > pretty straightforward.
> Okay, I think I understand where you are going now.

Sigh. Maybe it wasn't where I needed to go though :(

Doing some work on this I find that the docs say that the attributes are
displayed in terms of an item list. Which necessarily implies that its
already something they have ordered. What my client wants is one page
where you have a series of drop down lists. After the customer has made
their choices then they'll actually do the ordering. 

There is a reason for this in that the number of choices (5-7) for the
number of items (again 5-7) are enough so that the customer might decide
they don't want the basket after reviewing the choices. If they can only
play with the choices *after* they've ordered the basket then I have to
find someway assuring that the basket is removed automagically if they
don't finalize the basket order. Now, being that each basket might just
be one item in a larger order it gets a little complicated. 

And the more important reason is that the client wants it done that way.

I've a feeling this changes things.

I might be able to do this with another database but I'd like to avoid
as much added complexity as possible.