[ic] Updating template pages

Company InterNet Services info@4co.de
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 09:57:57 +0100

IC uses different TOP's and BOTTOM's depending on what pagee your are viewing.
In the design section you can specify TOP/LEFT/BOT, TOP/BOT, TOP/LEFT/RIGHT/BOT
each of these uses a different set of TOP's.

There are two type of file in >/templates/regions/
when you edit i.e. a top you also need to edit the other TOP files. That way all your changes will be seen on 
all pages.

The defualt for main page for construct is LEFT/RIGHT
p.s. My templetes barely resemble what came with IC, you can edit all you want, just leave the [codes] where
they are until you are knowlable enough to change them.

Ken, Germany

>Hello Ya'll,
>I am trying to edit the template pages, but am not having any success.  I
>have installed the basic catalog and the sample store 'Construct
>According to what I have read the files I need to edit (LEFTONLY_BOTTOM,
>LEFTONLY_TOP, etc...) are in the directory <catalog
>dir>/templates/regions/.  I have changed these files, but the site none of
>the pages are changing.
>I am confused.  Is there a rebuild script/option I need to run?
>Thanks Alot,
>Garrick Brooks
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