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Raj Bhushan Thakuri rajthakuri@hotmail.com
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 10:43:39 -0000

You need to use [area ...] tag thusly=>

<a href="[area [item-field pdf]]"><font __FFACE__ size="1"

or better, create a pdf directory in catalog/pages and link as:

<a href="[area pdf/[item-field pdf]]"><font __FFACE__ size="1"

Store '.pdf' file extensions in the database field itself.


>From: Wendall Williams <wwill@pacbell.net>
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>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 23:53:25 -0800
>Well, I uploaded the pdf files into the same dir that contains the
>other pages such as index.html, aboutus.html, results.html, etc.
>I included the following code:
><a href="[item-field pdf].pdf"><font __FFACE__ size="1"
>When you click on the link, it seems to just reload the results page.
>Any ideas?
>>You should be able to do it just like any other product field:
>><a href="/directory for pdfs/[item-field pdf]">Link to schematic</a>
>>I believe that Acrobat Reader will automatically open the page in IE if 
>>click on the link.  Take it easy!
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>>>  Hello All,
>>>  I have added a new field to the products table named pdf.  The
>>>  contents of the field is the name of the associated pdf file, which
>>>  is a schematic of the item.
>>>  Here's the rub.  On the results page, I need to provide a link from
>>>  this field to a page that displays the pdf file.  Can this be done
>>>  with IC?
>>>  Thanks for any help,
>>>  Wendall
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