[ic] Interchange on Cobalt Raq

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Wed, 24 Jan 2001 13:26:16 +0100

I have a Raq3, IC is great software but the Raq seems to have trouble getting it started, (once online everything is fine though).

After trying the RPM version (which failed), I used the Tar version.

This is how I installed. SU -  (to root, so your system will let you work)
down load the Tar program to: /home/tmp
gzip -dc   ...(filename of program)...  | tar xvf -
This creates the directory: /home/tmp/interchange-4.x.x  (to hold the setup software)

before you run setup you may need a few CPAN modules not included with the Raq (at mine didn't have them)
use to install the extra modules:  perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Interchange'

CD to the new directory and run ./configure (you might need to type perl configure)

The setup program will prompt for the user ID, I choose 'admin' instead of root
The setup program will also prompt where on the system you want to install the software...
personally I put it in /home/interchange  (which makes FTP easier on other systems, as I lockedout /usr and others from FTP)
to restart the server you must use /...dir to interchange.../interchange/bin/restart

I had a few permissions problems so here's a few commands I needed:
chmod -R -v 775 /home/httpd/cgi-bin
chown -r -v admin /home/httpd/cgi-bin

chmod -R -v 775 /home/sites/sitexx/eShop
chown -r -v admin /home/sitexx/eShop

if 775 doesn't work you may need to use 777 (beware of security issues)
if you notice I installed the catalogs in a seperate directory beside 'web' and 'certs' instead of IN 'users' or 'web'
p.s. you don't need to enable CGI on the sites if you use a GLOBAL cgi-bin (as I did.../home/httpd/cgi-bin)

The hardest part of using Raq's is that Cobalt made so many changes that it's difficult to know exactly how the have it running,
and disscurage users from tampering with the system

>Hi list,
>We have been using minivend/interchange on a caldera linux box. A couple of
>weeks ago we have bought a Cobalt Raq 4i server. Off course we now want to
>install interchange on this cobalt server. The past weeks I have read a few
>messages concerning the installation of interchange of a raq but I am still
>not sure on how to install interchang on a raq.
>Could anybody tell me what the best way is to install interchange on a raq.
>Your help would be greatly appreciated.
>T.i.a. Walter
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