[ic] Wisdom of the Elders - upgrading

Loy Ellen Gross design@iinc.com
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:41:20 -0500 (EST)

We've been running on Minivend 3.14 for some time now. We have seven
catalogs, all with custom databases, running on one server. Now 
looking at upgrading to Interchange. Here's what I've found, please
correct anything I've got wrong:

- It is possible to run mv and ic simultaneously on one server for
  testing purposes by using the vlink (unix sockets) call.

- Since we have custom databases, we'll likely have problems with
  the UI, but we can disable it for now by commenting the line
  #include lib/ui/ui.cfg from interchange.cfg (minivend.cfg)

- We'll need to remove the top line from shipping.asc (this one
  I don't understand.)

- transaction.txt needs an extra field 'archived'

- if [item-price] suddenly turns 0, check PriceField in the catalog.cfg


Running the two simultaneously - is that as simple as installing
in a different directory or is there more to it?

Are there any other issues I'm missing?

Someone offered to post a detailed upgrade experience to the 
mailing list, but an exhaustive search of the list archives 
failed to retrieve it. Is it out there somewhere?

I have live catalogs and no test machine, so I'm trying to head
off any problems at the pass and willing to post our own 
experience in this. Looking for the wisdom that comes from
experience :-) Thanks in advance!

  -- Loy

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