[ic] database values...override?

scott andreas scotta@homer-simpson.learnserv.com
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:18:46 -0800

Question... I've gone through all the documentation and mailing lists
but could not find any answers to my question.

In our sql database we have certain short hand acronym values that I
want to make long hand without editing the data. 

For example:

Our data has values 

S   which I want to display as   Sales
O   which I want to display as   Entry
A   which I want to display as   Administration

and so forth...in the USER database

How can I do this in my Catalog.cfg directory so that the values are
displayed like I want them to? 

I do not want to use If statements in the webpages that would be to much
work. In the catalog.cfg would be the ideal place to do it I believe.
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