[ic] Akopia/interchange web hosting?

Simon B music@labyrinth.net.au
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:29:38 +1100

After my second failed attempt at installing IC on a Verio FreeBSD virtual
server I recall reading in the docs a mention of Akopia IC hosting services.
I tried e-mailing Akopia but have received no response, nor could I find any
further information on the web site. Does Akopia do domain hosting etc?

Also be interested to hear from anyone who may have successfully installed
interchange on a Verio FreeBSD virtual server situation.

If anyone else would like to pipe in regarding virtual domain hosting in a
proven succesfull interchange environment I would be most interested.


This was my e-mail to Akopia:

I have been running several minivend stores (3) using a virtual server as
provided by verio.
I have been quite happy with the Verio arrangement as it has allowed me
shell access through which I have been able to maintain a dozen or so
domains and their respective html, pop/e-mail accounts, ftp accounts etc.
I installed the minivend 3.14 daemon quite some time ago and the 3 stores
are working quite nicely.

I would like to move on to interchange but have had difficulty installing
the package ) on the new FreeBSD servers that verio are offering) so am
inquiring about akopia
virtual hosting. Please send or point me to information concerning the
hosting services provided by akopia as mentioned in the install

I need to know the type of access and shell I would be provided with as well
as pricing etc