[ic] UI Layout Editor - Area - Contains order

Greg Gaskill g.gaskill@aboron.com
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 09:22:34 -0500


  Sorry I took so long to reply to this but I had 70+ emails in this mailing
list to
go through first (making sure nobody else answered you already).

  I had this very same problem with the areas not moving up and down the
normally and what I found when I went to edit the area table manually was
that not all my areas had the same value for 'which_page'.  So all I did was
edit the areas table in the spreadsheet view and made each 'which_page'
= 'all'.  Then I changed the 'sort' values right next to that column to
from 00 to 09 in the order I wanted the columns displayed.

  I think you could also just make the 'sort' value be 'ZZ' to get
sorting (Not sure about that one, since I don't have any 'ZZ's remaining in
my fields-but you might see one like it when you go into table-edit on


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> I have a pretty long list in one of the areas and want to sort it in
> alphabetical order.  When entering new items there they sometimes end up
> in the right place, and other times do not.  Using the position arrows
> makes the item jump wildly around the list, sometime never getting in
> the right place.  Is there an option someplace to force this list in
> alphabetical order, or maybe some easy to sort the list once it's
> created or new items added?
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