[ic] New Catalog Added Today, Existing Catalogs Quit Working

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 22:04:46 -0500

Quoting Ron Dorman (rwd@csi1st.net):
> Mike,
> Can you explain a little further please?  I have been reading the FAQ entry
> for my error message and the socket file perms look good.  However we are
> running unix-mode and there is no s in the perms for mode.unix file.  Am I on
> track here?

Those of you who quote in this fashion (your stuff at top, no context
except a lump at the bottom, no trimming of the message) may note I
seldom reply to you. Here I will make an exception....

You say permissions "look good". It depends on your definition of good.

This is simply a file path/permission problem -- assuming you started
the right Interchange server. Sometimes people get confused when they
install the RPM....

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