[ic] security

Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 22:12:40 -0700

>We're going to <ahem>solve</ahem> it by using unique enterprise
>keys/counter for order numbers.  And we are setting up our catalogs
>to die on non-unique order numbers.  No doubt it will work just
>fine when everything is working.   Minivend needs a way to
>sequence order numbers independantly for multiple instances of
>the same catalog on independant machines, some of which may go
>offline but still take orders.  (eg POS/callcenter on localnet)
>The vanilla OrderCounter++ is not enough.
>It's getting to the point where the machine issuing unique numbers is
>more mission critical than our kerberos server.  yeesh.
>Christopher F. Miller, Publisher                             cfm@maine.com

There is a very interesting line from the documentation, which I will try 
to quote before Mike responds... :-)

 From Interchange: Interchange Configuration 8.42. OrderCounter (page 67):

The name of the file (relative to catalog root if no leading /) that 
maintains the order number counter.  If not set, the order will be assigned 
a string based on the time of the other and the user's session number.

         OrderCounter    etc/order.number

Bear in mind that Interchange provides the order number as a convenience 
for display, and that no internal function depend on it.  Custom order 
number routines may be defined and used without fear of consequences.

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