[ic] Products Data Import Help Needed Please

Ronald W. Dorman rwd@csi1st.net
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 09:57:55 -0500

Problem solved.  I opened the products.txt file with Excel and then did a
"save as" to make sure it was tab delimited.  Imported just fine after
that.  The person that updated the file says it was saved as tab
delimited, using Excel on MAC.  I used Excel on Win95.  I didn't think
there were any differences in tab delimited text files from the different
platforms.  Anyone have any knowledge or experience here?  Should we chalk
it up to operator error and ignore it?  We will do some more testing here
and let everyone know if we find a problem.

I have a small concern because we are getting ready to turn this catalog
over to the customer as a live site and they will be maintaining the
products data base via the Import function on the Admin Interface.  I need
to insure that this is as simple and solid for them as it is for me.

Ron D.

Ron Dorman wrote:

> About a month ago we exported the products table, updated on a PC with
> new items, then imported the file back into our database, mySQL.  We
> have added many new items, now have 825 in the products.txt file (tab
> delimited) and are trying to import it again.
> Not getting the data back in the database.  Get the following message
> after the import process:
> Import of table : Upload succeeded
> then a list of all our products, then the following message at the end
> of the list:
> 0 records processed of 0 input lines.
> I have searched and read archives and documentation and tried some of
> the suggestions found to no avail.  Can someone enlighten me to what I
> have missed.
> Thanks,
> Ron D.
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