[ic] *** LOOP TAG with spaces ***

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:57:56 -0500

Quoting Marc Aubert (maubert@swisscenter.ch):
> Hello,
> We have a big problem in the loop tag.
> We would like that the loop tag's arguments contain spaces (examples :
> [loop "Sun Microsystems", "Texas Instruments"]
>          [loop-code]
> [/loop]
> We would like to be displayed :
> Sun Microsystems
> Texas Instruments
> Sun
> Microsystems
> Texas
> Instruments
> We've tried to put several things ('', "", arg=, put in variable, 
> etc.) without any success.

There are two ways. I recommend newline separation:

[loop lr=1 list=|
Sun Microsystems
Texas Instruments
	[loop-code] <BR>

Or if you already have a quoted list:

[loop quoted=1 list=|"Sun Microsystems" "Texas Instruments"|]
    [loop-code] <BR>

No comma in the above. It is better to do this to avoid possible 
quote collision:

[tmp quoted_list]"Sun Microsystems" "Texas Instruments"[/tmp]
[loop quoted=1 list="[scratch quoted_list]"]
    [loop-code] <BR>

Same applies for the lr=1 version; if you pre-set it in scratch
then you avoid flakiness due to quoting problems.

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