[ic] using catalog.cfg to change data output

scott andreas scotta@homer-simpson.learnserv.com
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 10:50:52 -0800

Is there a way with in the catalog.cfg to change the data output. 
Our database is loaded with acronyms and I want to display ledgable

I know that I can change the column reference of our_price with 
pricefield   our_price

but how can I override data?

For instance:

our user database has creditcard information of:

7  = american express
5  = visa
3  = mastercard

and so forth.

Is what i want to have displayed is 

american express

in the html output.

I believe that it would be much easier to have these definitions in the
catalog.cfg directory than having to go through and placing alot if [if]
statements in the pages.

Any ideas?
J. Scott Andreas :)
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