[ic] Need a little help with dealer pricing

Jason Ballou jasonballou1@yahoo.com
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 23:41:56 -0800 (PST)

I am working on getting the dealer pricing setup for
my site but am having a little trouble.

My cart came setup with quantity pricing of 1, 5, and
10 displayed when a dealer clicks on the "QUANTITY
PRICING" link but the 5 and 10 are the only ones that
show up.  I eventually figured out that I had to go
into the product table and set the single unit price
(designated "wholesale") there so now the 1 price
shows but I cannot get any other price breaks to

For instance, my site also had a price break for 2 of
an item when I got the catalog.  I went into the
quantity.html page and set it up so that the price of
2 items should be display exactly the same as the
others but it does not work, it just assigns the price
of the next quantity down.  This is also true when I
added price breaks for 12 items and for the price
breaks of 25 and 100 that also came with my catalog?

Any idea what is wrong here?  Thanks.

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