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Robert Trembath robert@ishoptech.com
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 08:38:26 -0600

INterchange is not all that difficult but a basic knowledge of HTML and an
understanding of scripting logic is needed. If you start there and can
install interchange on a test machine. Do you know Linux? and can you
install interchange? You need to at least start there. Thene when you have
it working, follow the tutorial to get a basic understanding. If all of this
is greek, you need to find a friend who at least knows linux and can help
you setup a test machine with interchange on it. Then start examining
interchange. Walk before you run. I started the same way  8 years ago and
now know NT, W2k, PHP, Tango, HTML and many more because I couldn't trust
others to do it right. This is a good group AND A GREAT  PRODUCT with plenty
of willing people  to help. Good Luck!
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> Hello all-
>    I have read much of this list, and for somebody
> quite new to programming, it's like a foreign
> language. Can anybody recommend a good place to start
> (i.e. book, website) so that I can understand from a
> basic perspective how the interchange program is
> written? The tutorial seems to be written more for a
> programmer trying to learn interchange than for a web
> seller trying to learn programming. I am not a
> programmer, but out of force of necessity I do want to
> learn interchange front to back. My previous
> developers' incompitence has led me to further believe
> that if you want something done right, do it yourself.
> Can anybody out there have a kind heart and help me to
> get this thing started? I'm not quite ready to pay
> $180 per hour for tech support when I have all this
> time to do it myself!
> Thanks for looking and your resposes are welcomed!
> -Wade
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