[ic] Button Tag

Ron Phipps takedown@cdsnet.net
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 15:45:45 -0800

We've been using the button tag for our clickable images.  Long story short
it worked in all of but one case that we are aware of.  The case is when you
are on the basket page and you want to put a 'Continue Shopping' button.
Since the forms needs to be processed (in case they changed attributes in
the cart) it needs to go through process.html.  However if you allow it go
through with secure=1 the user will get a warning that they are being
bounced form process (which is secure) to index (which is not secure).  With
secure=0 this problem is fixed however you create a larger problem which is
the checkout page being perocessed insecurely.  So I dropped using the
button tag and pulled out the code it generated then made an addition and
here it is:

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_click_map" VALUE="Continue_shopping">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_click_Continue_shopping" VALUE="">
<A HREF="javascript:void 0" onMouseOver="window.status='Continue shopping'"
  onClick=" basket.action='[process-target secure=0]';
(basket.mv_click_Continue_shopping.value='Continue shopping') &&
basket.submit(); return(false);"
  ALT="Continue shopping"><IMG ALT="Continue shopping"
SRC="/images/other/cont_shopping.gif" border=0 align=top></A>

The piece added is: basket.action='[process-target secure=0]';  which
changes how the form is processed (non-secure in this case) when continue
shopping is pushed.  It will still process secure when Checkout is pressed.

My question now, does the button tag allow for java commands to be passed as
arguments?  If it doesn't it may be a good addition to be able to specify
either generic commands or atleast set the form's action.  Mike do you think
this is a good addition to this tag?