[ic] Button Tag

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 14:30:37 -0500

Quoting Ron Phipps (takedown@cdsnet.net):
> We've been using the button tag for our clickable images.  Long story short
> it worked in all of but one case that we are aware of.  The case is when you
> are on the basket page and you want to put a 'Continue Shopping' button.
> Since the forms needs to be processed (in case they changed attributes in
> the cart) it needs to go through process.html.  However if you allow it go
> through with secure=1 the user will get a warning that they are being
> bounced form process (which is secure) to index (which is not secure).  With
> secure=0 this problem is fixed however you create a larger problem which is
> the checkout page being perocessed insecurely.  So I dropped using the
> button tag and pulled out the code it generated then made an addition and
> here it is:
> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_click_map" VALUE="Continue_shopping">
> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_click_Continue_shopping" VALUE="">
> <A HREF="javascript:void 0" onMouseOver="window.status='Continue shopping'"
>   onClick=" basket.action='[process-target secure=0]';
> (basket.mv_click_Continue_shopping.value='Continue shopping') &&
> basket.submit(); return(false);"
>   ALT="Continue shopping"><IMG ALT="Continue shopping"
> SRC="/images/other/cont_shopping.gif" border=0 align=top></A>
> The piece added is: basket.action='[process-target secure=0]';  which
> changes how the form is processed (non-secure in this case) when continue
> shopping is pushed.  It will still process secure when Checkout is pressed.
> My question now, does the button tag allow for java commands to be passed as
> arguments?  If it doesn't it may be a good addition to be able to specify
> either generic commands or atleast set the form's action.  Mike do you think
> this is a good addition to this tag?

Actually, you can, but only as a part of the confirm process.

This is harder than it looks because you need code in the onClick to
make the button tag work.

This is something I do on many tags -- I added an extra parameter which
works for text buttons and allows you to attach arbitrary tags to the
<A HREF...>, meaning you can put in an onFocus=something ( [button
extra="onFocus=do_something()" ...] ) or any arbitrary parameter.

But if you want to do what you seem to want you will have to do
it by hand (or come up with a patch to button yourself, for it is
not obvious to me -- you might look at a "pre_onclick=something" and 
post_onclick=something). The good news is you can do it by hand... 8-)

Thanks as always for the suggestion.

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